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Here are a selection of care home recommendations from care homes and care home groups that feature on Key Care Solutions:

“I have set up the homes in our group and that is working great. I must tell you it is one of the easiest sites to work”

"Key Care Solutions is an effective, bright, user-friendly, website for the Care Home Sector. I found uploading information very easy and clear, and the presentation is excellent, giving great value for money. Pete was always helpful and personable, giving good customer service. An excellent site."

Group Manager

Peverel Court Care


“The staff have been very helpful at Key Care Solutions, swiftly answering any queries about our listings, and helping us with the legwork of getting the homes uploaded. The website search function is a useful way to find care homes within a certain area”

Communications and Marketing Manager

Milestones Trust


"Key Care Solutions have provided PSP Healthcare with a friendly, courteous and efficient service from start to finish. As well as the benefits their products have to offer, they are a pleasure to work with!"

Sales and Marketing Manager

PSP Healthcare


“Thank you Key Care Solutions for guiding me through the very easy process, it’s a very unique and time-saving website”

Operations Manager

Keychange Charity


“We have tried in the past other ‘listing’ sites, but have found that key care is a lot easier to use, clearer and better value for money, we haven’t had vacancies all the time but we’ve found that key care has gone a long way to filling the ones we have had”

Marketing Manager

Group of Surrey Rest Homes


“We’re pleased to be part of key care solutions, simple, clear and very good value for money. We can see our own ‘stats’ every time we log in and very pleased with the results achieved so far, we’ll definitely renew in January”

Care Home Owner

Independent Nursing Home, Bristol

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