50 Plus Pre-Paid Funeral Plans For Total Peace Of Mind

A 50 Plus pre-paid funeral plan minimises the emotional stress and allows you to enjoy the total peace of mind for you and your family by planning your funeral in advance

Total Piece Of Mind Decisions Taken Care Of

  • Fewer decisions for your family at a difficult time
  • Specify the arrangements within the funeral plan to reflect your personal wishes
  • Comfort in knowing that the arrangements are taken care of in advance
  • Provides you and your family with peace of mind
  • Flexible ways to pay for your funeral plan to match everyone's budget

Key Benefits Of A 50 Plus Pre-paid Funeral Plan

  • Peace of mind knowing that the funeral arrangements are taken care of in advance
  • Save money by fixing your funeral director's costs at today's prices
  • Reassurance that your family won't face any uncertainty or worries with funeral costs
  • A guarantee of no more to pay for your funeral director's services
  • A personal, caring service from a local independent funeral director
  • Low monthly payments using the fixed monthly payment option
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no health restrictions

Why Choose A Golden Charter 50 Plus Pre-paid Funeral Plan ??

Golden Charter 50 Plus Pre-paid Funeral Plans take care of funeral costs and arrangements in advance.

Preparing now means you can pay ahead with pre-paid funeral plans and you beat inflation by freezing funeral costs at today's prices.

Golden Charter works on behalf of the largest network of independent funeral directors in the UK; over 2,900 in fact, giving you the widest choice.

Over 60% of funerals in the UK are carried out by independent funeral directors, and many of these are family-run businesses that have served their communities for generations. We believe this offers you a local, personal service that makes a difference.

Would you like to find out more about Pre-Paid Funeral Plans??

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan allows you to protect your friends and family from the emotional and financial burden of arranging a funeral, to take the first steps towards the total piece of mind, then click on the side banner advert now.
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