Direct Payments And Personal Budgets

How can you utilise your personal budget?

Your personal budget can be as flexible and creative as you wish, as long as it is legal, safe and meets your needs.

Our team has supported many families to receive the most out of their personal budget. Some stories are on our website where you can get an idea of how they have utilised theirs. They have even pooled theirs together where there is a shared interest such as music.

We offer Brokerage Management to help you manage your personal budget. We offer these services with the hope that you may begin to feel totally comfortable with doing this for yourself in the future.

The aspects of management that Imagineer can offer include:

• Team/Staff Management
• Recruitment
• Reviewing Process
• Circle of Support Facilitation
• Short Term Intermediary Support
• These Brokerage Management Costs - £25 per hour.
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