The Dementia Pledge - Aspire To Deliver The Best Possible Care

The Dementia Pledge is an initiative launched in February 2013 and supported by The Department of Health. Care providers across the UK have been the driving force behind the campaign to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and to provide a person focused service. The aim of the initiative is to support the local social care workforce to put individuals, their families and friends at the centre of dementia care and support. The main principles are around the commitment of care providers to ensure that their workforce has the skills and knowledge to provide the best care and support for the person with dementia.

The Four Principles of The Dementia Pledge are:-

• Know the person who is living with Dementia
• Quality of life, quality of care
• Everybody has a leadership role
• Value focused care

Professor Burns from the National Clinical Director for Dementia said, “If dementia services are to be truly person focused, then the workforce must have knowledge and awareness of dementia and a willingness to deliver actions that make a difference.”

Signing The Dementia Pledge will demonstrate that care providers are able to:

• Be able to actively demonstrate that they have made a commitment to providing excellent dementia care services

• Send a clear message to people who buy their services about the level of knowledge that their workforce has about dementia

• Acknowledge and value the contribution that the entire workforce makes to the provision of excellent dementia care services

Please join us and show your commitment here today:The Dementia Pledge
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