Dementia Care Homes

The term dementia is an umbrella term for a collection of conditions and diseases, which cause disorders of the brain. Symptoms range from loss of memory, mood changes through to problems with communication and reasoning. There are many types of dementia; the most common types are Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

If you feel your memory is deteriorating it may not necessarily mean that you have dementia. Some memory problems can be caused by an underlying medical condition such as a thyroid problem, vitamin deficiency or even depression. Seeking early medical intervention is crucial for your GP to investigate and treat any physical causes, which may be having a detrimental effect on your memory.

Dementia Diagnosis

Making a diagnosis of dementia is often difficult, particularly in the early stages, so G.P.s will often refer people to a Memory Clinic for an assessment. Memory Clinic care services operate throughout the country at central community locations and offer assessment, support, information and advice to those with memory problems and their carer's.

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With the right care and support, people with dementia issues can lead active and productive lives. Key Care Solutions offers information on a range of dementia care services that provide skilled care and support in a variety of different settings including dementia care homes and respite care for dementia patients.
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