What Are The Benefits Of An Adult Day Care Centre ??

Day Care Centres are available for a wide range of people in every community who have the desire to enjoy a day out, share a cooked lunch or just join in the activities of centres with the opportunity to spend quality time with others.

Day care is not only available in a traditional adult day care centre setting but can be offered within a care home environment, a good care home will provide an activities organiser who will provide a range of different activities. Research suggests that by attending a day centre can prevent symptoms of depression with people often complaining of feeling lonely and isolated.

Adult day care centres offers friendship and stimulation which cannot always be found at home. Members have many opportunities to contribute to the life of the day centre, through activities that encourage self-esteem and self-fulfilment. Some places are allocated following an assessment of needs by social care services.

Adult day care centres are designed to provide supervised care to adults unable to be alone for long periods.

Adult day care programs can provide peace of mind to carers. These centres are generally open Monday through Friday during normal business hours, although some may be open evenings and weekends as well.

There are also day care centres designated only for residents needing a high level of care, such as dementia patients or patients with HIV/AIDS, which can benefit the carers needing a much-deserved break from the exhaustion of extensive care.
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