Adult Day Care Centres

Adult day care centres provide a coordinated programme of professional and compassionate day care services for the elderly and disabled in a community-based group setting where you can receive safe, supervised care outside the home during the day.

Adult Day Care Centres are designed to improve or maintain quality of life, to promote independence, facilitate friendships, and provide social contact and stimuli. They offer respite care to help alleviate the demanding responsibilities of a carer, whilst maintaining their mental health.

Find Adult Day Care Centres In Your Area

Generally, most placements for adult day care centres are arranged through local Adult Social Services departments even if you pay for your care privately or in receipt of a personal budget. If a person has been assessed to be in need of day care and their care plan states that visits to a day centre forms part of their support, your local authority must make sure this happens.

Participation in Adult Day Care Centres often prevents or delays admission to a residential care home. For participants who would otherwise stay at home alone, the social stimulation and recreational activities may improve or maintain physical and cognitive function. For carers, adult day care centres provide respite care enabling carers to work or to have a break from their caring responsibilities.

Age UK Adult Day Care Centres

There are various providers of Adult Day Care Centres for the elderly and disabled including Age UK adult day care centres, local authorities, the NHS, memory cafés, drop in centres for the elderly, voluntary organisations and commercial businesses such as care homes with day care. With the exception of the NHS most day care centres are self-financing, therefore a fee is payable; the charge varies from centre to centre depending on the care services or facilities provided.
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